Monticello Canoe Rental
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We want to welcome back all our old customers and those "first timers" to a new name and new owners - Lori & Addam Fier. They will continue to provide the same high standard of service and commitment to make it a fun and enjoyable day.

Maquoketa River Join us at Monticello Canoe Rental located on the Maquoketa River in Monticello, Iowa. The Maquoketa River boasts plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your interests lie in canoeing, tubing, fishing or bird watching, the Maquoketa River is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the breath-taking landscapes and wildlife of Eastern Iowa.

Monticello Canoe Rental is family owned and operated. This canoe rental business has been serving river enthusiasts for the past 30 years. We can accommodate any rental needs. Whether it is families, groups of friends, small businesses, large corporations, interest groups, youth organizations, or school groups. We have 160 canoes, 250 inner-tubes, and 27 kayaks. Monticello Canoe Rental is ready to send you floating down the river. Our river trips are fun for the novice as well as the experienced paddlers.

At Monticello Canoe Rental, we have a great TEAM of employees who work hard so that your trip is a successful day of fun and relaxation. From the moment your journey begins, we are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We do all the work so you can be sure that your job is to simply have fun!

Please protect and preserve the beauty of the river by keeping it clean & green, do not litter.

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