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Monticello Canoe Rental
Monticello Canoe Rental
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Thank you to everyone who floated with us this year! We are so grateful for all we have met and gotten the opportunity to work with! We have some exciting news - the Canoe Rental has been SOLD!!

The new owners will have the new name of MONTICELLO RIVER RENTALS !

We are excited for the new owners and believe they will do an awesome job!


Join us at Monticello Canoe Rental for a trip you will never forget. We are open everyday starting Memorial Day thru Labor Day. Unless inclement weather or water conditions permit us to close. 

Monticello Canoe Rental is family owned and operated. This is our 8th year of operation and we continue to grow and love the business even more each year. 

The Maquoketa River boasts plenty of oppurtunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your interest lie in canoeing, kayaking, tubing, fishing, watching wildlife,  or relaxing we can accomodate you. The Maquoketa River is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the 8 mile water trail of the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of eastern Iowa. The trail will begin at our office

(just below the Mon-Maq Dam) in Monticello and end at Pictured Rocks Park.

We offer rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Sit On Top Kayaks,  Kids Kayaks, and Innertubes.The float is approximately 8 miles and usually takes between 3-5 hrs to paddle by canoe or kayak and 5-6 hrs to float on innertubes. This is just an approximate time as it mary vary depending on water levels and stops you make on the route.

Explore our website and gather your friends - we would love for you to book a float with us today!

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