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NO DIVING- We have encountered many accidents with floaters jumping/diving into the shallow water of the river. Please do not attempt to dive or  jump off river banks, equipment or anything along river route.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT- Will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke service to anyone.

RESPECT PRIVATE LANDOWNERS- Please stay off private property on river route. Stay within river banks, do not go up and over.

        NO GLASS ON GROUNDS OR RIVER-  Glass is a hazzard. We have had several injuries relating to glass on river and beach areas.       NO GLASS allowed !

AMPLIFIED MUSIC- Please keep your volume turned down. Keep in mind that having amplified music on an Iowa waterway could result in a DNR sitation.

  LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS-  Monticello Canoe Rental is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items on the river, our property, buses and van transportation. You may call the office if you believe you may have lost an item, sometimes items do get turned in.

NO INFLATABLES BROUGHT IN- We do not allow any sort of tube inflated or deflated brought into our canoe rental. They are not allowed on buses or vans as well.                                                                            

PLEASE BE SAFE- Wear your lifejacket. They really do save lives.Ages 13 and under are required by law to wear thier lifejackets at all times.

PLEASE BE COURTEOUS- To all floaters on the river. Everyone is out to have a great time. So lets make it a pleasureable day out. Also if you see liter please try to pick it up for those who are less considerate. Thank You for keeping our Iowa rivers clean.


Cancellations- Rescheduling - All rentals are paid in full 48hours before scheduled float. You may cancel or change reservation before this time for a full refund. Any cancellations or changes after this time WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. It is very important that if you need to make changes to your reservation that you do so 2 days prior to your float.*If making online reservation there is a convenience fee that will be charged to you that is not refundable no matter when you make changes.

   In case of inclement weather or water levels A rain check will be issued to you. Please call us if you are in question of weather or water levels for your scheduled day to float. Times and floats are subject to change at anytime that we feel it would be a hazard to you to be on the river. 

If you call to reserve the same day of your float and we have ran your card- No Refunds will be issued if you do not show or change your mind. So please make sure when you call in your reservation that you are serious and plan on floating. No refunds will be issued for no shows.

          Late Fees- Equipment Abuse - There will be a fee per item that is returned late or/and damaged.  Anything returned after 6:00PM on Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays will be charged $20 per 20 minutes late to the card used at time of reservation.

Any items returned after 5:00PM on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be charged $20 per 20 minutes for each late item as well.

We reserve the right to charge your card for late or abused items without permission. If you are making reservations for a large group and your card is given, please remember you are responsible for all charges that could incure with your group.

All fees are listed on the waiver that is signed by you on the day of your float at our office. So please be sure to read the waiver carefully and please ask if you do not fully understand. We would be glad to help!


1) What are your hours?                              We are open everyday  from Memorial Day Weekend  thru Labor Day everyday unless inclement weather prevents us from being open.  We will gladley let you float before Memorial Day Weekend and after Labor Day if you give us a 24 hr notice. After Labor Day we are open Saturdays and Sundays only until October 1st. If you have a group that would like to go on a week day just give us a call and we will do our best to accomodate you!

Reservation by phone can be made any day until 6:00PM or online anytime as long as it is by midnight the day before your float!


2) Do we need to make a reservation?       We highly suggest making a reservation for any day.  Walk-ins are welcome but we cannot guarentee a rental depending on availability!

3) Do I have to put a deposit down?          We require the full amount of your float to be paid 2 days prior to your float.

4) What happens if it rains and we dont  want to canoe?                                               If it is a gentle rain or rain is predicted to be over by noon, it is a GO! If it is a dangerous situation with lightening or other hazzards, heavy rain, high water, you will be issued a rain check that can be resceduled with us.   WE DO NOT DO REFUNDS

5) What is someone in our group has thier own Kayak or Canoe?                             There is a $10 drop fee per vessel. They may unload thier canoe or kayak at our office (21430 River Road) and then we will follow the driver to Pictured Rocks to park thier vehicle before starting thier float. Please check in at the office so we know you are there to get you a shuttle.

6) What time do we need to be off the River?                                                             Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Rentals-  All persons and equipment need to be off the river by 6:00PM.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  Rentals need to be off the water by 5:00PM.

 There is a $20 charge per item for every  20 minutes late . Charge will be applied to card used at time of reservation. So if you your card is used for reservation you are responsible for your group.

7) How long does the trip last?                 Canoe and Kayak floating is approximatly 3-4 hrs. Inner tube floating time is approximatly 5-6 hrs. All times are approximate depending on water level and the stops you make.

8) What size cooler fits in cooler tube?Coolers up to 50 Quart Cooler.   Ice is available to purchase at the canoe rental office.

9) Does the cooler come with the rental of a cooler tube?                                                   No , it does not . You are just renting the cooler tube. Please bring your cooler with you!

10) Can we bring our own tubes or cooler tubes?                                                                                      No, we do not allow any form of tube brought into our location or transported in our shuttle vehicles.

11) Do you have locker areas?                                  No, we do not have anywhere for you to put belongings at our office, so please plan ahead and only bring with you what you need for check in and to float.

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